One year, gracias.

Today is officially a year of ISIMPLEPLANYOU.

Today a year ago I started experimenting with Photoshop and other tools.

Today it’s a year of the first edition of the blog!

And I’m still here because each one have supported me with their notes and reblogs. Thank you very much for everything!

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Hi, friends.

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6 photos of David at MTV World Stage Monterrey, request by anon (x)

Anonymous ASKED:

woot woot requeeeest :) maybe 6 or 9 photos of David - latest, like SP foundation event or warped tour :)

Sure! :)  -working on it-

default album art
Lucky One (Teaser)
Simple Plan · Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!
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Maybe many of you have heard "Lucky One" complete.
But anyway, :) today Conexao Simple Plan has
presented the teaser!

This is the lyric:

Maybe one day i’ll be back on my feet And all this pain will be gone And maybe it won’t be so hard to be me And i’ll find out this is where i belong It feels like it’s taking forever But one day things can get better And maybe my time will come And i’ll be the lucky one
"Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!" Teaser schedule (x)